A Few Cosmic Reasons to Love October

I take a breath
gaze at the colored leaves
in browns
in a cooler breeze
She rolled out her own red carpet
and announced its time to harvest
the season’s sunset.
At sunrise
I thank Her
exhale the breath.
– a poem to Mother Nature
by I. Muse

Every month carries its own seasonal vibrations, aligning us with the universal flow of life. October has more than a few reasons to become a favorite month, as it is a month full of divine mystery, powerful love, and supernatural charge.

October’s Mysterious Place on the Calendar
October gives away secrets of the earlier composition of calendars. Notice the prefix of the word October is “oct-,” meaning eight, when it is the tenth month of the calendar year. Why? March was originally the first month of the year, the month that holds the dawn of spring equinox. In this monthly order, October was once in its rightful place- month number 8. When January and February were added during times of early Rome, March was pushed to the third month, and October became the tenth. Somehow, it still settled beautifully in its place in time, still placing its mystery in plain view.

October’s Numerology and Healing Stones
10 is a highly karmic number, gently urging our spirits to be mindful of the seeds we plant, be thankful for the harvest, right any wrongs we may have done to others, and reciprocate portions of what we have been blessed with. October is also the first full month of autumn equinox, as September ended summer. Mother Earth sheds Her leaves to remind us to allow all things not serving our highest purpose to fall away…and fertilize new soil, releasing them in peace and positive transformation. Many crops are harvested in the autumn season, placing October at the center of reaping abundance. The ideal healing stones I meditate with this month are opals and red tiger’s eyes. Opals are protector stones that raise the energies of intuition. Red tiger’s eyes are grounding stones for focusing primal energies, increasing vitality, vibrance, and willpower. Sage clearing nearly doubles for many this month, as many take advantage of the heightened spiritual energies already at play.

October’s Love Energy
In my personal spiritual theory, October is a more potent love month than February. Month 10 carries energies of the 1 and the 0, the 0 egg (womb) fertilized by the 1 (man). Together, they are one, invoking both the masculine and feminine greatness of The Creator/Creatoress unified…this evokes love on divine levels, far past basic desire. October also houses the Libra and Scorpio zodiac signs. Libra is an air sign ruled by the planet Venus, and Scorpio (the sign known to rule the reproductive organs) is ruled by Mars, all submerged in the still waters that run deep. This is a potent elixir of love, desire, and spiritual energy, fermenting in the autumn air. If you are married or in a relationship, This is an ideal time to reflect on the higher reasons that you are together, to be thankful for obstacles overcome, and maybe even grow the family! If you are single, allow yourself to date and socialize objectively, following the spirit over desire, so that your next love connection will be divinely organic. Watch out for the ones only seeking a warm place for winter!

Celebrations of the Spirit Realm
Supernatural vibrations are at an all time high this month. Common traditions observe this month for Halloween, a spookism-saturated, overtly diluted version of the more ancient celebrations of the ancestral realm. The black cats, pumpkins, house decorations, All Hallow’s Eve and such are things that only provide a shadow half of celebrating the transcended. I prefer wearing white dresses to the beach, going to the shore where they were brought here as slaves, thanking them for their lessons, and honoring the legacies of our dearly departed…over the echoing sounds of live drum circles. We call it Sankofa…The Caravan Back to the Ancestors. Don’t you just love October?

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