My Mama’s Pineapple

Pataki. Oni Mi Ojo iSegun, Ogun Meji, Odun Egbawa Mejilelogun, Metalelogoji Ojo Igba Ooru.

Translate: Diary. Today is Tuesday, August 2, 2022, 43 days into Summer Solstice.

I am in a place of massive clearing. In today’s focus on the secrets of the Earth while riding the fumes of yesterday’s solar return. I think of my mother. She of the fixed earth of Taurus. She who has a serious connection with the Earth. This woman, I tell you. Where everyone else has a green thumbs, she has green hands, arms, and feet. She can pinch a piece of a plant and wrap it in a napkin….and 3 weeks later that piece of plant is potted and fully bloomed with a name and a favorite song. In this this entry, I wanted to share with you how she did this magic with the top of a pineapple.

She started with the top of a pineapple immersed in water. It was a gift from my sister in law, symbolic to the way her locs looked when she wore a high ponytail. It grew into a potted plant that grew very large. I cannot recall how long it took, but one day I walked into her backyard and saw that the pineapple stalk gifted us a fruit. It was a small pineapple, but sweet, delicious, and fragrant. We harvested the fruit and started the cycle all over again, with the top of the fruit in water.

Spiritually, pineapples represent patience in developing insight. They take their time to prepare themselves for harvest. When they do, thet have eyes all around their peelings while holding health, and sweetness inside. Their bright yellow interior lifts the mood while their entire essence represents dualities of hardness and soft. Its tropical origin brings a sense of calm and serenity in tense times. There is so much to the pineapple spiritual essence…and Onile (the Spirit of Mother Earth) gave us one from the work of my mother’s hands.

Ase in Love,

iiiYansaje T. Muse

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