Eloise Turner: A Distinguished Ancestor of 222.9 The Mothership

Phenomenal Woman.

Some things just aren’t your business….

Dynamic Performance.

Queen Mother Eloise Turner returned from Orun (Heaven) to Aiye (Earth) on Friday, March 22nd, 1946. It was the first decan of Aries season. In the Afrikan way of the stars, it was the season of The Family. The day vibrated on a 9, a digit of masterful intuition….the number of finality. The moon was waning in Scorpio, so Mars(Unbridled Drive) and Pluto (Regeneration) ruled this dynamic woman on both ends of the moon and sun. Through and through, she was cardinal fire.

Queen Mother Eloise Turner was, like her good friend Queen Mother Felicia Smith, a village mother under the guise of a school teacher. She taught English, and so much more than that. She was another aunt, if you will. She was more than that. She gave me my very first job outside of my father’s allowances. It was a job calling her Mary Kay clients for refill orders, before the internet was developed for Mary Kay Consultants. She was more than that.

Queen Mother Eloise Turner was a performing poet, the performing poet that birthed yours truly. Her performances were electric and unforgettable. They made me want to do the same. She introduced me to Maya Angelou and Nikki Giovanni. Her griot styled poetry performances reminded me of when my mother did storytelling while I was in grade school. Queen Mother Eloise Turner birthed yours truly as a poet. She came into class one day, put the lesson plans down, placed her hands on her hips, and said, “Pretty women wonder where my secret lies.” In that moment, I was hooked. A poet was born…and that poet was me. In 2018, we reconnected. It felt great to let her know that she was my mentor, and the reason why poetry was such a cornerstone in my life. We got the chance to connect as women.

Queen Mother Eloise Turner returned to Orun (Heaven) from Aiye ( Earth) on Friday, March 5, 2021. It was the second decan of Pisces season. The half Cancer kind. Its moon, Cancer’s ruler, was waning between Scorpio and Sagittarius. In the Afrikan way of the stars, it was the season of The Wealth of Amber and Silver. I was given the honor of performing her favorite poem, Maya Angelou’s Phenomenal Woman at her homegoing celebration. Now, all who will know my name as a performing poet will also know hers. 222.9 The Mothership honors Queen Mother Eloise Turner as a Distinguished Ancestor. Ase.

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