“Carl:” An iiiYansaje T. Muse Original Poem in Libation

I wrote this poem meditating on Carl B. Hampton’s memorial painting at his 52nd Commemoration on Saturday, July 23, 2022. Listen.


A Norse term meaning “free man.”


fire in the third decan

path of the 33/6

took my first libation from my hand…ancestrally.


A freedom fighter for Afrikans

a name meaning “free man…”

the irony.

The irony like sirens

sounding off death

trigger happy on streets they swore to protect

black targets direct

at the behest

of one-sided liberties

and justice for some.


A burning sun.

a son of revolution

laid down his life

to rise up a solution

creating a stir of corrupt constitutions

in fear of inevitable retribution.


A Norse name meaning “free man.”

died fighting to live

his birthright title

from a structure where Bibles

created rivals

of those blaq, indigenous…Afrikan.

The irony.

The irony of crossroads

in crosshairs

on building tops…

21 years, 5 stories up

Dowling and Dennis his heart was stopped

Dowling turns Emancipation

Houston watched

this building top claim

where forced religions give praise

to Gods that made us slaves

52 years later

we pour libations and remember the name

amist trigger happy authorities

that still think life is a game

just worsening their karma

their very lives the hell to pay

yet all the future days

are OURS.

Panthers prowl.

People’s power.

So we stand proud

Say it loud.


A Norse name meaning “free man.”

took my first libation from my hand

laid his life down so we can

be free.

copyright 2022. All rights reserved.

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