The Windsong Kraal of Oracles mystic diary, your haven for mystic enlightenment! took a peek on the other side of my wall, and found my smoother, more tranquil vibe...Welcome to the Windsong Kraal of Oracles!  This blog was inspired by the pages of my psychic diary, combining informative spiritual writings with the art of folk storytelling. they reveal how all things hold, receive, and transmit spiritual messages, and how these things organically directed my personal spiritual path. the windsong explores many symbols, including numerology, tarot, animal messages, commentaries, plants & healing stones, and so much more! Here you can relax, and enjoy enlightening cosmic reads about the spiritual properties of  all there is around you!

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Oh, there are many names to call people on  this path of work...diviner, messenger, psychic, magic lady, prophetess, wise woman, oracle, spiritualist, cosmic counselor. I humbly allow those I cross pathways with identify me as their spirits see fit, as long as it's a positive vibration! Titles don't matter as much as your message and healing does! While I'm not the most orthodox card in the deck, I do specialize in helping people to balance their energies, identify and get rid of blockages, decode messages from feathered and fuzzy folks, find their higher path, read and repair auras, receive insight and clarity in multiple areas of life...and I love it! a few of my tools include love and relationship guidance, arithmancy, dream interpretation (one of my favorites), tarot, cartomancy, spirit guides, and sacred writing, yet all of these back up my first line of ethereal intuition. as an empath, I really take the time to listen as well as feel, then deliver readings with truth, compassion, universal love, humor, understanding, and straightforward tough affirmations (when necessary) in an organic, cosmic, poetic flow. I also offer practical solutions and self-healing techniques to keep you on your path to  inner peace! Choose from any one of my signature, self-crafted readings below... ase!

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Come explore moon wisdom,  the motherpeace round tarot deck, dream symbols, sea creatures, healing stones, and all this ruling day has to offer every Moonday!


find the serenity in your inner flame! every thorsday, explore iChing wisdom and charge your energies with poetry and the spiritual properties of all things red!


sunday is the rest and reflection day, and it is all the same in this place, come, rest, learn some bible wisdom in the mystic sense and enlightenment on self purification through the mysteries!

the bonus chamber that appears in each blog in its own divine timing...

celebrate the ancestral lineages of our time as they appear in each planetary house, and find out how you can share tributes of your own in this place!

Thank Goddess its Friday! The wisdom shared here is as sweet as its sacred honey hive!  Enjoy some medicine woman healing tarot wisdom, venus antics and love on every esoteric level!

the tricky planet of saturn puts us all at the crossroad today. Come on in... explore how your choices reflect who you are inside, surely you didn't think I was so far in the quasars that i would overlook solutuions of the pracical world, did you? todays tarot is the poker deck. you aren't afraid... are you?

come in! let's put moonday's emotion into just motion! mars is driving kemetic tarot wisdom, healing botany, and war wisdom and stones. also, join me every tuesday from 12pm to 2pm cst for your tuesdaily taste of mystics, rhyme, and groove!





Transcend into wisdom of the galaxy every wednesday for astrology knowledge, mayan oracle messages, and learning about the planets that draw mystic blueprints, letting mercury communicate with your spirit while uranus sharpens your intuition!

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...and the wall is ever growing! Ase!