St. Patrick, Clovers, Leprechauns, and All of That Green Pt.1

March 17 is popularly celebrated world wide in observance of St. Patrick’s Day. You may get pinched if you don’t wear green, parades flood the streets, lots of beer is consumed, and everyone gets a bit more familiar with leprechauns. While all of these aspects make ways to celebrate life, there are always more deeper, mystical meanings.

Who was St. Patrick?

As history speaks, St. Patrick was a prisoner of Irish raiders turned devout Christian Priest who dedicated his life to converting Pagans and Celtics to Christianity in Ireland. He was told by angels in a dream to return to Ireland as a missionary, of a sort, This was considered miraculous, granted that as a youth, he wasn’t into religion, not to mention he was sent to heal the same lands in which he was imprisoned. The mystic essence of Christianity is being ruled through and through by the crown chakra, the higher self. The one that sacrifices for others.

Why the Shamrocks?

A mystic secret behind the luck of the three leaf clover as the holy trinity, and many other mystic threes. The four leaf clover may be the most popular to bring luck, but the three leaf clover shouldn’t be overlooked. The common shamrock grows wild, and three hearts everywhere! The first four letters of its name, “sham,” resonates with “shaman,” doesn’t it? The other half of it, “rock,” resonates with foundations, and sources of strength. The three-hearted leaves represent faith, love and hope, three attributes very strong in the Christian faith, the very one that St. Patrick spent his life spreading.

Who and What are Leprechauns?

Where the purest of spirits dwell, the tricksters aren’t too far. Enter, the leprechaun! Many are unaware that they weren’t known to wear green until after the 20th century. Before then, they wore red. They are well known in Irish folklore to be fairies, but perhaps are the only real fairy to exist in real life, due to an insulin resistance in some human beings. They may fix your shoes and grant you three wishes if captured, but be advised that they are just as deadly as they are a joy! They serve as a symbol of the trials and tribulations one must endure to get to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Why all of the Green?

Green is the color for St. Patrick’s Day, as it resonates with the heart chakra. Converting to Christianity requires a total renewal of the heart and the mind! If the greatest good isn’t on your mind through your fashion on this day, many may feel you should be pinched, but I digress from my point with laughter.

In essence. St.Patricks Day celebrates the spiritual achievements of an ancient shaman who gave his life so spread what he believed was good! As we sip our beers, one of the earliest celebratory drinks of the gods, may we remember our own spiritual works we must do to change this world for the better….and adjust our shoes before the leprechauns do!


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