believe, then begin

seasons complete in this time

spring equinox soon.

                                 – a haiku by i. muse

March already…the third month of the calendar year. This is a month of divine protection, and making important decisions. I call it the “firewater” month, as we leave the house of belief (Pisces, water), and enter the house of new beginnings (Aries, fire). Winter gives way to spring,  and in this month four seasons complete their cycle. I celebrate New Year’s here. Lots of lush green comes to mind in this month, four-leaf clovers and all!

March is also known as the war month, a time when dynamic energies are at an all time high.  It is said to be ruled by Mars,  the planet of action, while other beliefs point to Neptune and/or Jupiter as the ruling planets of this month! If you feel an inner surge, make sure that you channel that energy into something constructive so that it doesn’t turn combative. The most healthy war to fight is the one within because it clears way for self-mastery, which is key to manifesting greatness!

Allow yourself to flow with the intense energies of this month! Stock up on daffodil plants and polish off those aquamarine stones! Blood Jasper (the dark green and red) will serve as a great meditation stone this month as well. Focus hard on taking the initiative to make progress in your financial, creative, physical, and spiritual growth while saving some of that vigor for the month’s festivities!  I’m not sure about the “in like a lion and out like a lamb” part, but March is absolutely a good month for being proactive in planting seeds of divine harvest…April showers bring May flowers!

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By iiiYansaje T. (EYE-ON-SUH-JAY) TEE Muse

iiiYansaje T. Muse is a spiritual counselor, poet, visual artist, author, Priestess of Oya in the Ifa/Orisa Spirituality, and sole creator of 222.9 The Mothership Internet Radio. She enjoys bringing and artistic and practical application to spiritual living!

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