Kemetic Tarot Draw #2: The Rising of the Dead

Mars Rumbles Inside

I ride out of hermithood

side saddled…horseback.

-an iiiyansa J. Muse Haiku

Diary.2018.11.13. The day vibrates on an 8, the number of infinity. As above, so below, the cycle of life that never ends. Mars is high, pushing my physical into overdrive in getting things done, Obatala and Ogun are in sync. All I rush to do is for the Universe’s highest good. It is colder than normal here, but the fire inside never extinguishes. I stare momentarily into the flicker of my tealight and inhale the burning cedar and sage mixture, my meditations focused on the message….the message from the Egyptian Tarot deck, just a general message for all who will hear and receive. Upon exhale, I draw….

This Tuesday’s revelation came from the Major Arcane, Oracle card number 20 (2 is the year synced with 2018, the mastery year of the woman). It is the Rising of the Dead card. The spiritually squeamish tend to get a bit unnerved when messages from the other side arise, but not I. The message of this draw resonates with fate, destiny, and divine purpose. We are in the age of spiritual awakening, and the word “ancestor” is freely being thrown around these days. In our unique experience as a people, we must never forget all that our ancestors endured for us to be here today. To even be alive to carry on in their place is reason and intent enough to maximize each moment, using all lessons taught and spiritual gifts given to reclaim and achive all they dreamed for us to be. They call us to end recurring obstacles, and their spirits ever assist us in putting the wrong things right. This card’s planetary ruler is Saturn, the Trickster planet that calls us to check our inner crossroads, as the spirits of the ancestors work tirelessy to steer us away from the tricks they fell for. This may be why it was biblically scribed as a sin to “consult with the dead.” Today, that connection is being rapidly restored. Well greetings, Esu!

This revelation brought tears to my eyes in a deep meditation. I felt the fall of our continent rulers who grew arrogant and had to be checked by the Absolute. I could see the lashes on the backs of many of our great-great grandparents, the blood leaking almost as fast as the tears. I could hear their dying prayers and wishes, their hopes and whispers to the divine for us to not wallow in the tragedy of their holocaust, but to drive forward in manifesting faith and power, recovering true identity, and living it from within. In that moment, the ancestors became my Yeshua, literally dying for my salvation (no disrespect to the Christian faith). In doing so, the dead (ancestors) rise again… through us. We are their to-be-continued, as our children will one day be ours. The name of the game is LEGACY. What will yours look like?



iiiYansa J. Muse

Goddess in the Heart’s Deep Woods

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