The Rotation Diary Entry 1: Maysa

Pataki. Oni Mi Ojo Riru, Ogun Meta, odun egbawa mejilelogun, merinlelogoji ojo igba ooru. Translate: Diary. Today is Wednesday, August 3rd, 2022, 44 days into Summer Solstice.

It is Leo season 2022, and I am maxin it out! I’ve decided to be open about my journey in the creation of 222.9 The Mothership. Music Curation is one of my favorite parts! Today, I curated the sounds of jazz vocalist, Maysa Leaks.

The music of Maysa Leaks holds memories of my radio journey, and the beginning of my knowledge of smooth jazz music. Old school r & b on the other hand? I brought that to the table. I first heard Maysa’s smooth deep vocals when I was a RadioDj at KPVU FM. Her rendition of Earth, Wind and Fire’s “Head to the Sky” that gave me serenity when I had tough days at school…or just wanted my listeners to be in a chill vibe.

Today, I took a journey through a part of her catalogue, and felt a lot of war, love, and peace vibrations in her singing. The songs that gave visions of dark blue oceans, I sent to Yemoja’s (Moonday) rotation. The ones that belonged in this one…I could sense the dance of war and love. Oya knows this dance well. Yet, the delivery is still tranquil and smooth. The world is in so much need of deep tranquility, and when Maysa sings, she takes you somewhere deep and tranquil, almost meditative. So I am honored to add Maysa Leak to 222.9 The Mothership’s Wednesday Rotation!

P.S. Intuitively, I curated her music today not yet knowing that she, too is a Leo(b.8.17)! Leo Singer, Leo Curator, Leo Season…Goddess I love divine alignment!

Ase in Love,

iiiYansaje T. Muse

Mother of The Mothership

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