Messages From the World’s Other People: The Butterfly

“if you should return to me

we truly were meant to be

oh spread your wings and fly….


-a song by Mariah Carey

They come in an array of colors. They dance on the wind breezes lightheartedly, showing off the wings they cultivated so carefully in their cocoons.  They cross our paths and deliver their messages so effortlessly that we miss their messages of we we aren’t paying close enough attention.

Butterflies are very loved, admired, and hold an array of  symbolic meanings across anthologies of  spiritual belief. Ancient beliefs reveal that they were the carriers of spirits of ancestors.  These magnificent creatures are symbols of the soul and/or the psyche. They represent the effortless and fickleness of free will, landing at will, moving quickly to savor the nectar of life’s next beautiful moment. When one of these crosses your path, it is reminding you to do the same. Release your spirit of anything that makes life too heavy to flutter and fly. They speak onto our spirits that solitudes do not have to be depressing ones, just  intimate time between you and The Great Spirit to make necessary and life altering changes for the better. You can only crawl around for so long before you must take time alone(in the cocoon), take root, then fly, leaving the shell of all that was behind. To allow your spirit to fly like it does, you must be willing to accept multiple changes at once, and elevate from earthly matters to ones of the spirit. Then and only then will your delicate colors inspire and lighten the hearts and minds of others, as the butterfly does when it crosses your path!

Ase in Love,

iiiYansaje T. Muse

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