iiiyansa J. Muse: The Voice of Esoteric Spoken Word

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i scribe

my soul in a natural,

rhythmic language


sip some water, stalk of thyme

its time to bare my soul

crystal clear

like healing waters

libations of creations

marinated in my boot-tracks

sweet facts

in stanzas

pathways of plans

loving demands

outstretched hands

a never-ending love story

as the pieces of all not swept away

automatically write

a mosaic picture of

Mother Goddess legacy.

-- an iiiyansa T. muse short poem

1997.3- i first heard my seventh grade teacher, eloise turner, perform maya angelou's

'phenomenal woman", then got kidnapped by nikki giovanni in the pages of my literature book.

immediately i was hooked on rhyme. little by little, my own stanzas began to take form...and the rest is history!

it didn't take long for my poetry to become the gateway to my spirtuality, the place where i could free my heart.

the stanzas would come like rainstorms, only ceasing to write when I felt myself pulling too hard for the next thought. at the time, i didnt know there was a spiritual name for this kind of gift....i would later discover that i am an automatic writer. this is the reason the name of this site is "poetically mused," although it is an estoteric site. all i am was born from my poetic view of life.

today, my words take longer, further, higher journeys...please allow yourself to expierience my endless soliloquy of rhymes through my books, glass gourd paintings, blog posts (see the windsong kraal of oracles page on this site,), and the pages of my book of moonbeams on YouTube. I manifest they take you on a mosaic of adventure, of course while feeding your soul.

ase in love,

iiiyansa T. muse

the lyrical iiisangoma

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the launch issue of this  journal explores the world of an intuitive empath working as a waitress. It is marinated in the poems written  between tables, as it reveals esoteric secrets of objects in the environment. This work is dedicated to restaurant industry workers all over the world.

this is the re-release of my firstborn piblication. it holds the poetry that released my pain on the wayto finding purpose. ..back when some of my now diamonds were then  just coal! 

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anonymous letter

the apology

i, goddess...

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