Sun Salutations, and thank you for joining me on this extraordinary literary journey! "Isangoma" is a Zulu title referring to a high priestess of prohecy and the healing arts. The four winds align us with the times and wonders of our Mother Earth and Father Sky, explaining this journal's seasonal essence. This mystic arts journal is a collection of personal poems, true stories, and divine revelations from my life and times as a spiritual counselor and oracle. They find release and expression through my various creative form. The inspiration for this series of journals came from an elixir of spiritual vision, the aching need for humanity to understand the importance of respecting life's delicate balance, (especially when in opposition) and the release of experiences and wisdom gained from my orbit in and out of these worlds. The narratives of these journals pass through the many walks of life I've made orbit through, as the Sun through planetary houses. I dare to ask why, I suppose it's because there is nothing new under it...the Sun I mean. I came to discover that all things have their own spiritual symbolisms, and these volumes shall explore them. The topics of this periodical will change, yet remain connected, as is every fiber of life's existence. My manifesting prayer is that you, dear reader are spiritually fed, educated, entertained, and expanded by the GENIUS of our Divine Creator/Creatoress. ​


Memoirs in Waiting, covers life as a waitress while being an empath. The poems were written during downtime between tables. Feature poems include “The Tab,” Gaia’s Rage, and “Luke 22:16.” The articles are based on the objects at hand, and divine moments in the workplace. Its time frame reflects the great precipice of a major spiritual crossroad. It also brings a practical understanding to the spiritual essences of the Yeshua Christos, and the African Deity, Esu. The journal also has an audiobook and a short film based on the journal’s feature article, “Legba, Christ, and the Crossroads.”

Vol. 2: "Blaq Gyrl Bluez" 2019 spring equinox

Mystic Journal, audio book, art collection, and documentary film coming soon!

dedicated to those with deep waters afraid to spill...

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