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Sankofa’s Eve 2022: The Panel

The Houston Chapter of the National Black United Front was hosting a panel discussion featuring Mama Charlotte Hill O’Neal, known to the orisa world as Iya Osotunde Fasuyi, and Professor James Small. This would be the second time I would perform for a Professor James Small discussion. The first was at the Shrine of the Black Madonna in 2020, the other at the Historic Deluxe Theater in Houston’s Fifth Ward. … GO IN…Sankofa’s Eve 2022: The Panel

Sankofa 2021: Crowned

I was as a moon charged ray of sun, pouring prayer and positive energy over all I hugged and touched. There were many. There were daughters of Oya, people who had come from out of town, Queen Mothers, children, fathers, and brothers. I met so many amazing people. Inside, I was humbly beaming while allowing the people to honor the Oya and Sango in me. In basking this universal love, I reached a deeper self revelation. … GO IN…Sankofa 2021: Crowned

Sankofa Mewa Entry 7: (2016) Who Dis Woman?! featuring Nana Sula Spirit

They were a blur of spinning white, as if they became a physical embodiment of Oya’s whirlwind. She saw me too, but danced in the other direction, running away from me. It was to no avail. Oya was already on her path. We danced around each other for a few more drumbeats until Oya planted our feet face to face. We embraced, and I allowed my spirit to speak to hers in words I cannot recall. She received greatly, and a sisterhood was born. … GO IN…Sankofa Mewa Entry 7: (2016) Who Dis Woman?! featuring Nana Sula Spirit


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