I painted this a multicolored cloth for you…listen.


Surrender to the rhythms in rhapsody

in the dance of their whispered symphony

Dance in spiraling circles

our multicolored toes in sand

step and groove in Divine purpose

heads bowed, joined hand in hand

Listen. As the ocean sings

their wind song in crashing waves

and let Oya’s croon carry the tunes of messages received, then relayed.

Hush. Experience the Massive Hush

feel the rush

when the silence amplifies back then

it sings a silent song of their blood on the wind

Ajalaiye, Ajalorun

they modulate from deep within.


are their soundtrack of Olodumare’s Opus

So dance to their Whispered Symphony

Trust the conductor

free yourself of lies that this is hocus pocus

who composed this song

in both blessing and destruction?

open…to divine instruction


400+ years of Jesus named boats

The real saviors crucified

for me they died, sacrilegiously afloat

atop Osuns of Yemoja’s tears

and Olokun’s deep wealth of hope

for those who were always here

close your eyes, see them so clear

paving our path

through sick blankets and trails of tears

and those who jumped to him

choosing transition over the holocaust

they saw so clear

Our annihilated masses are “dead and gone?” hardly.

Egungun. Power of the bones. Our Army

Just waiting for you to call them

now the globe is tipping…begging their/our pardon

So pour whiskey to the ground and break out the cigars

and dance…to their whispered symphony

remember the rhythm of chain ridden ankles

cuffs and fishnets to replace sacred bangles

manifesting YOU through collars that strangle

unspeakable pain through faith, ever aware of Divine Angles

geniuses enslaved to unmarked graves

from the recently dearly departed

to the ones you know not by name

Dance in the knowing we can’t repay

all they gave

and it wont be in vain

they endured all but their spirits detained

we stand proud today

reincarnated DNA

So dance in the knowing…

that through us THEY are saved.

Encore between realms

church, mosque, or ile

in the dance of their Whispered Symphony

in this moment, our beliefs may differ

lets still let our eyelids flutter then flicker

in praise

to the same Jehovah Jireh, Allah, Olodumare

feel the mojo of collective energies raised

forming our eternal band

lets dance to their Whispered Symphony

multicolored toes in the sand.

Full Moon in Pisces


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