Baba Shango: A Distinguished Ancestor of 222.9 The Mothership






“If you can see it, you can touch it.

If you can touch it, you can grab it.

If you can grab it, its yours.”

– Baba Sango

Baba Shango made his return from Orun (Heaven) to Aiye (Earth) on Friday, July 2,1948. It was the second decan of Cancer Season, the space where the Moon and Mars fuse. He was the half-Scorpio kind of fourth house man, and the moon itself was waning in Taurus. Venus and Pluto were key in this man of cardinal waters. In the Afrikan way of the stars, it was the season of The Ancestor. No wonder a huge part of his divine task was to nurture the children. His life path number was a 4, essential to setting a new foundation.

Baba Shango was a highly inspirational teacher, a walking example of the reward of hard work and endurance. No matter how grim the circumstances, he pushed through. He appeared on my path at a time I desperately needed to see what that looked like. Secretly inspired by him, I began to summon more inner endurance to push through my circumstances. Conversations with him were always around that area. That’s the beauty of divine people. They are many things to many people, and all have a differents blessing to recall. From what I could see, he embodied many of the best characteristics of the Orisa Sango. I would later learn the true connection to the Orisa Sango, but for now He was dropping clues through one of his symbols in ire. That symbol, was Baba Shango.

In the crossing of our paths,he was always kind, loving, encouraging, and helpful. His stories personally inspired me, especially in the area of finding the right path after taking some catastrophic wrong turns. I could relate, even if in different ways. All of the fruits he cultivated while away, are fruits our village are still eating today. I speak of S.E.H.A.H. I speak of the trips he took children on to Africa, so they may learn the greatness of themselves. I speak of short films. I speak of African- Infused Martial Arts.

Baba Shango returned to Orun (Heaven) from Aiye (Earth) on Wednesday, June 21, 2017. It was the first day of Cancer Season, and the moon was waning in Gemini. In the Afrikan way of the stars, it was the season of The Ancestor. The day vibrated on a Divine Masculine 1, a perfect timing for new beginnings. 222.9 The Mothership honors Baba Shango as a Distinguished Ancestor.


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