Messages from the Divine Ancestresses 2019.8.19

Artwork by iiiYansa J. Muse, Courtesy of iiiYansa’s Glass Gourd Click here to order one today, and enhance your divine space!

Today’s Message from the Divine Ancestresses of the Moon

Release by just relaxing. Doesn’t sound very powerful, does it? Well, you’ll be surprised how much majick is held in the small things so easily overlooked…BE sides, relaxing is a lot harder to do when there is so much noise going on in the world today. (We’re not going to even START on social media!)

Something as small as taking 9 minutes a day to meditate, silence the mind, and be here now can really help us help you more. Enhance it by doing so in nature!


Ase in Love,

iiiYansa J. Muse

Priestess of Ancestral Archives

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