222.9 The Mothership Internet Radio: Why Gospel & Smooth Jazz on Sundays?

No matter what name that we call the Source, it is very humbling to take the time to acknowledge that which is greater than yourself. In today’s times, many are taking the I-am-God thing waaaaay out of context, and this day on 222.9 The Mothership Internet Radio brings an humbling balance. Sure we can all be gods and goddesses in our own right ( when we actually do the work to truly raise our vibrations), but there are things to keep in mind. We did not create the sky, the planets, the earth, vegetation, the animals, or the elements. Being humble enough to acknowledge the Higher Being(s) assists in your co-creation with Olodumare (The name for the Great Spirit in the Ifa/Orisa way), to manifest your highest destiny. This set is for those who don’t mind acknowledging and respecting a spiritual chain of command.

Speaking of Orisa, 222.9 The Mothership Internet Radio honors and the Orisa Obatala on Sundays. Obatala is the King of the Orisas, popularly represented by uninterrupted white. This white cloth represents the purity of spirit, and the strive for Iwa Pele, or good character. Obatala represents patience, humility, and creation. In some branches of African Spirituality, it is believed that a specific road of Obatala is synced with Jesus Christ, another reason why I play the gospel on Sundays. You see, our ancestors were onto something in those ancient days where they hid our traditions under the religion imposed. On the surface of things, it would appear that the forced religion was taking root. In actuality, many of them were calling on Obatala in plain sight! He who sits high and looks low…isn’t one of Obatala’s main domains the mountaintop?

Sunday is the day ruled by the Sun and the day sacred to the Crown Chakra. This is the part of us which is most Godlike, the duality of the Root Chakra. The root is savage where the crown gives understanding. The root is arrogant where the crown is meek. Gospel music is humbling to me because masses of people singing in unison and harmony is very powerful. It gives a glimpse of how magnificent something can be when humility is practiced and a collective is formed.

Smooth Jazz plays in rotation on this day as well. This is to relax you, give you music with no lyrics so that you can vibe with your own thoughts. And why not? Day 7 of the week is when even The Most High rested. You should, too!

All the Best,

iiiYansaje T. Muse

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